Henry - The horse that started all...

Ross Smith...

I have been shoeing Henry since Angie has owned him but there was a short time where I did not. After an urgent call from Angie I started shoeing Henry again in 2016. Due to Henry's condition and my desire to help him I began in earnest to find a better way to shoe. This determination to help led to the research for Center of Balance Horseshoeing and the creation of the Center of Balance Indicating Tool.


Scott Sapergia

As a farrier of 35 years I can see this works. Ross has done the research and put the time in over the last several years to test it extensively.

Rusty Quam

Ross Smith is the main reason I qualified for the Canadian Finals Rodeo. My two horses feet at the time were terrible. Toes wanting to be way out in front with an under run heel and horrible quarter cracks. Cracks so bad they were bleeding at the hairline. Ross suggested we have the horses X-rayed to see exactly where the breakover point was so the shoes could be properly set and floated the heels.

Dale Clearwater

Ross has been our farrier for going on 18 years. We own and operate a training facility and specialize in Reined Cow Horses. This has us competing all across North America. Good farrier work is essential to keeping our horses sound and competition ready.

Kim Moats

Ross first started working with my gelding Hondo, about four years ago. I found that Hondo was progressively showing more symptoms of lameness problems over the previous two years. I had tried various routes to help him and about five years ago I found answers through the Science in Motion and how adding BALANCE schooling methods will affect whole horse health.

Barry Quam

Barry has been a life long friend of Ross's. Over the years Ross has been called to work on some of the Quam's horses.

Just recently in November 2021 Ross used the COBIT on a three year old horse that Barry asked him to look at.

Mark & Sherri Akins

Our daughter English jumper has always had challenging feet. Making sure his feet are in top condidtion and be comfortable has always been difficult.

Ross has worked with our horses the last few years and his knowlege and tools make us feel comfortable that our animals will be at their best when our daughter rides.

Lisa Thul

It was 30 years ago when Ross Smith started trimming my horses. He moved away a few years after that. I was then reconnected with him when I had a troubled pony that suffered from Laminitis. A few farriers had tried to trim my pony but with no luck, she was still in such pain. Then I found out Ross was back in town and I reached our and begged him to come take a look at her.

Katie Finucane

In June of 2006 my horse Galen required veterinary care after more than a year of inconsistent shoeing done by any farrier we could find when his feet became so seriously sore that he could not stand. Dr. Larry Hansen of Sherwood Animal Clinic called Ross and asked if he "wanted a challenge". This was before Ross's developement of the Center of Balance Horseshoeing and the COBIT.

Kent Drake

i;ve known Ross my entire life, starting with Ross trimming for my dad when I was small. Through my teenage years, Ross turned into a man I admired for his ability to identify and address problems in horses. Which then evolved into a relationship of him taking me under his wing to share his farrier knowledge of helping the horse be "the best horse it can be"

Shalyn Christianson

I have always heard of Ross and his talent with getting lame horses back to having some sort of job, and I have been able to experience that myself now.

May 4th 2020 my gelding, Mike needed DDFT (Deep Digital Flexor Tendon) surgery in both front feet. Dr. Chris Bell did that surgery. Then I needed a farrier to work with Mike after to correct his feet and be a part of the rehabilition team. Ross was more than willingto do that.

Derek Goodbrand

When it comes down to 100th of a second in a barrel run or getting down the fence to turn one back, I’ve used the Center of Balance Indicating Tool protype for the last 2 years in all disciplines. I feel having proper break over allows a horse to shape up and engage their hind end easier and faster. Proper balance has improved or maintained these athletes getting maximum longevity or of proper muscle, tendon and bone biomechanics.

Bonnie DeWitt

Ross Smith...

I have been trimming and shoeing Bonnie and Roger DeWitt's horses for many years. As they are a busy barn with many lessons throughout the week it is important that the herd is happy and healthy and I have regularly used the COBIT on them to keep their feet sound.

Barry & Brenda Clemens

Ross Smith has been our primary farrier for about 32 years and we've seen him mature to a master of his craft.

Adele Stewart

Ross Smith...

On March 14, 2022 Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing did its first demonstration of the COBIT with Adele Stewart of Prime Equine near Saskatoon.

Tori Meggison

This tool is amazing and can solve so many foot and lameness issues in performance horses! Ross Smith has been my farrier for years and is a true horseman and impeccable farrier! This is his design and he’s happy to share his knowledge with everyone. I’m so fortunate to have a great farrier but this tool can balance every horse’s foot and help them travel and perform their best. He’s brought several unsound and unusable horse back to performance level horses for myself and others I know with his exceptional understanding of balance and break over.

Heather George

Adama (Irish Revue) was 19 when we found Ross. Adama is a Morgan, who had previously been shown in hunter-jumper when he was younger. He had foundered, and had extensive side bone and dropped soles. He was in pain and our veterinarian recommended retirement. I was very glad when I was able to have Ross tak a look. We were hopeful Adama could find some relief and enjoy a quiet life.

Julia Keil Quibell

I purchased the COBIT with hopes of helping a horse that was diagnosed with navicular issues. I am extremely pleased with the result, the mare improved 80% within days, is off NSAIDS's and I am able to maintain her without having to shoe. Also, Ross himself has been extremely helpful, guiding me from a distance and answering my questions. I use the COBIT for all my horses now. I love having an objective tool, taking away all the guess work. Amazing! So thankful!!!