Ross Smith

Center of Balance Horseshoeing

"I have dedicated my life to horses. As a horseshoer I am constantly searching for a better way. My journey to Center of Balance Horseshoeing has allowed me to create a tool that helps me help more horses than I ever dreamed of."

Ross Smith

Ross Smith - Horseshoer and Inventor

Ross Smith has been a horseshoer for 40 years. He saw a need for a tool and a guide to help him find the center of balance on a horse's foot. After years of research and practical use the Center of Balance Indicating Tool is now available to other horseshoers, veterinarians, and horse owners.

"My vision is to have owners, horseshoers and veterinarians help horses by practising the Center of Balance philosophy and being guided by the Center of Balance Indicating Tool"

Ross Smith

Benefits of Center of Balance Horseshoeing

Immediate Relief with Severe Lameness

A horse with severe lameness will quickly feel pain relief in feet and body.


Helps the foot to function correctly the way it was designed to be

Healthy Horse

Helps the horse's legs, back, skeleton and muscles throughout the body and helps prevent lameness

Balance Restored

Restores and improves a horse's balance

Center of Balance Indicating Tool


A tool to locate the center of balance and a guide to correctly trim a horse's foot.