Shalyn Christianson

7 March 2022

I have always heard of Ross and his talent with getting lame horses back to having some sort of a job and I have been able to experience that myself now.

May 4th, 2020 my gelding, Mike needed DDFT (Deep Digital Flexor Tendon) surgery in both front feet. Dr. Chris Bell did that surgery. Then I needed a farrier to work with Mike after to correct his feet and be a part of the rehabilitation team. Ross was more than willing to do that.

Ross has been using the COBIT on Mike since 2020 and his feet have improved a lot. Between the surgery and everything Ross has done my gelding moves better than he ever has before and is truly loving life. The COBIT allowed for Ross to place the bar shoes where the balance point of the feet are. Due to this, the X-rays from 2020-2021 have shown proper alignment of the feet and joints therefore allowing the DDFT to function without a sharp angle and reducing the strain.

There is a chance for this horse to go back into the show pen of cutting.

Thank you Ross!