Ross Smith

Center of Balance Horseshoeing

"I have dedicated my life to horses. As a horseshoer I am constantly searching for a better way. My journey to Center of Balance Horseshoeing has allowed me to create a tool that helps me help more horses than I ever dreamed of."

Ross Smith

Ross Smith - Horseshoer and Inventor

Ross Smith has been a horseshoer for 40 years. He saw a need for a tool and a guide to help him find the center of balance on a horse's foot. After years of research and practical use the Center of Balance Indicating Tool is now available to other horseshoers, veterinarians, and horse owners.

"My vision is to have owners, horseshoers and veterinarians help horses by practising the Center of Balance philosophy and being guided by the Center of Balance Indicating Tool"

Ross Smith

Benefits of Center of Balance Horseshoeing

Immediate Relief with Severe Lameness

A horse with severe lameness will quickly feel pain relief in feet and body.


Helps the foot to function correctly the way it was designed to be

Healthy Horse

Helps the horse's legs, back, skeleton and muscles throughout the body and helps prevent lameness

Balance Restored

Restores and improves a horse's balance

The COBIT is a Solution

The Center of Balance Indicating Tool is a tool to locate the center of balance and a guide to correctly trim a horse's foot.

Yes, this tool finds the center of balance, breakover and correct placement of the buttress of the heel. It is a simple, straightforward tool, not complicated to use with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

It can do so much more! Any horse with navicular, ringbone, bowed tendon, suspensory issues, arthritis, long toe low heel, founder, laminitis or heel issues will benefit from having the COBIT applied regularly during scheduled trimming/shoeing.

No long will you need to trim/shoe a horse according to what is wrong with its feet. Navicular? Apply the COBIT. Ringbone? Apply the COBIT. Bowed Tendon? Suspensory issues? Arthritis? Long toe low heel? Founder? Laminitis? Heel issues? Apply the COBIT.

How can one tool and guide affect so many problems? It is because it returns the horse's foot back to the way it was designed. The center of balance in the foot is found and in turn the correct breakover and buttress of the heel. Having the long and short pasterns line up with the coffin bone causes the horse to stand balanced on the weight bearing surface of the foot. Once balanced and trim/shoed accordingly using the Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing method, the horse will stand with its legs underneath it and its skeleton, muscles and posture will readjust. The Palmer Angle will now be corrected.

The major benefit of using the COBIT is that in many cases the problems with the horse's feet can be reversed. Many factors come into play when we say this especially the length of time of the foot issues and conformation of the horse or breeding. When this cannot be achieved the COBIT will still help the horse become more comfortable, feet will improve and issues may be downgraded.

All of this of course depends on regular use of the Center of Balance Indicating Tool and the application of the Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing Method. The COBIT takes the guess work out of it. Any time the COBIT is used even if you have questions about the shoeing method you will still improve the foot. You will still find the center of balance and you will still find breakover. You will affect the heels and allow the circulation in the foot to improve which will help keep the foot sound. The COBIT, a tool and guide to your horse's best life.

Center of Balance Indicating Tool


A tool to locate the center of balance and a guide to correctly trim a horse's foot.