Lisa Thul

21 February 2022

It was 30 years ago when Ross Smith started trimming my horses. He moved away a few years after that. I was then reconnected with him when I had a troubled pony that suffered from laminitis. A few farriers had tried to trim my pony but with no luck. She was still in such pain.

Then I found out Ross was back in town and I reached out and beeged him to come take a look at her. When he trimmed each hoof of hers, whe would lick her lips and nuzzle his back, thanking him for the relief. I had never seen her lick her lips after any other trim. Finding her center of balance gave this pony three extra years of life. I am forever grateful!

I also have competed for numerous years in Reining. I understand the importance of the center of balance and how it helps with the breakover point, so your horses can perform at their best. Ross definately knows his stuff about trimming and knows how to help horses.

This tool - the Center of Balance Indicating Tool will be great for farriers looking to up their game!