Kim Moats

14 January 2022

Ross first started working with my gelding Hondo, about four years ago. I found that Hondo was progressively showing more symptoms of lameness problems over the previeous two years. I had tried various routes to help him about about five years ago I found answers through the Science of Motion and how adding BALANCE schooling methods will affect whole horse health. Ross knows an enormous amount of information about BALANCE of the hoof and how this works in conjunction with keeping the whole horse sound. Using the COBIT and Center of Balance Horseshoeing Ross has now been able to get Hondo's hooves back in balance and he is now moving pain free.

Hondo and I previously competed successfully in Cowboy Dressage both in Canada and the U.S.A. bringing the high point buckles home from the Cowboy Dressage World Finals in California.

Shortly after our return to Canada was when Hondo became unsound. This is where Ross' expertise came in and without his help I am sure that I would not have been able to bring this great horse back to soundness. Ross Smith, your COBIT and Center of Balance Horseshoeing saved my horse. After giving Hondo a year off and proper balancing with the COBIT, we were able to go right into the Working Equitation ring and managed to come home with a red ribbon.

Thank you Ross, I am so grateful.

Kim Moats