Kent Drake

2 March 2022

I've known Ross for my entire life, starting with Ross trimming for dad when I was small. Through my teenage years, Ross turned into a man I admired for his ability to identify and address problems in horses. Which then evolved into a relationship of him taking me under his wing to share his farrier knowledge of helping the horse be "the best horse it can be".

I believe what drew me to Ross the most, then and to this present day, is the best interest of the animal is the most important part of his program! The Ross that I've come to appreciate and admire was never about making a fortune on sharing his knowledge. He wanted to be able to help as many horses as he could, regardless the size of the horse owner's bank account. That 'good will towards your fellow man' attitude has always stayed with me! His actions have always demonstrated that his intentions were genuine for wanting to help the horse!

In my early apprenticeship with Ross, I have seen some techniques that didn't follow the 'typical' shoeing practices! But... the positive results spoke loud and clear for themselves! Thanks to all those trial and error experiments, the foundation was beginning to unfold for developing the COBIT. Ross is an innovator in the shoeing world. Now all of us horseshoers, vets, horse enthusiasts can have the approach of 40+ years experience at our fingertips!

After using the COBIT prototype, and now the new and improved COBIT, the results speak for themselves. The overall positive changes, not only to the foot, but to the complete range of motion of the horse is undeniable!!

The COBIT is key for taking the guess work out of where the foot needs to be, based on each horse's specific conformation!