Shaping a Shoe

Shaping a shoe after setting the toe back on a horse.

Using a Ruler on a Horse's Foot

Discussion about using a ruler on a horse's foot and why.

Size of Strides

Size of stride discussion - sound horse vs unsound horse.

Pencil Discussion

Discussion on different types of markers one can use on the horse's foot when using the COBIT

More Ruler Discussion

Demonstration and discussion using a ruler to measure parts of the horse's foot when placing a shoe

Discussion of Breakover

Demonstration and discussion of breakover and where the weight bearing of the horse is when walking on a hard vs soft surface.

Center of Balance

Demonstration on how a horse moves over the center of balance - sound and unsound.

Standing Correctly

Ross has used the COBIT on Henry for almost 7 years. The long term benefit for Henry is that he is now standing with his legs underneath him.

Barefoot Trim

How to trim a horse's foot using the Ross Smith Center of Balance Horshoeing Method. Added May 16, 2022


The COBIT EFFECT - an indepth explaination on how using the COBIT will allow the pastern to line up with the coffin bone.

Added May 16, 2022

COBIT Changes Heels

Indepth explaination of how the COBIT can improve overrun heels.

Added to website May 16, 2022

More video's to come!