Heather George

16 May 2022

Adama (Irish Revue) was 19 when we found Ross. Adama is a Morgan, who had previously been shown in hunter-jumper when he was younger. He had foundered, and had extensive side bone and dropped soles. He was in pain and our veterinarian recommended retirement. I was very glad when I was able to have Ross take a look. We were hopeful Adama could find some relief and enjoy a quiet life.

After Ross trimmed him the first time and shoed him, he walked out of the bar happy and bright. An immediate change. I asked Ross if maybe he could tolerate a light bareback ride sometime, and he said if he seems happy, why not try a saddle and ride him in a day or two. Well, that was a year ago and we've been back not just to riding again, but a lesson program. He is a changed horse. His unique personality has come back now he's not distracted by being sore. He is relaxed and happy andhe's interested in learning new things.

I feel so lucky to have found Ross and his method - Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing and the Center of Balance Indicating Tool - he has truly given Adama his life back.