Frequently Asked Questions

Is the COBIT only used for shoeing a horse?

The Center of Balance Indicating Tool can be used when trimming a barefoot horse or shoeing a horse.

Can the COBIT be used for horses that are not sound?

The Center of Balance Indicating Tool can be used on any type of foot - sound or not sound. It is very helpful to keep sound horses sound and especially helpful with horses that have hoof, lameness and sore body issues.

When will I see improvement in my horse's feet when using the COBIT?

If there is severe lameness or body soreness you will see an immediate improvement in the horse in many ways - how it stands, relief from pain, and change in attitude. For other feet issues it may take some time to see improvement but if the COBIT is used every time when trimming/shoeing there will be differences in your horse each time. Remember that once you start finding the center of balance and correct breakover every time you trim barefoot or shoe a horse, the whole horse is affected by the change - feet, legs, skeleton, and muscles.

There are no quick fixes or shortcuts when horseshoeing. Using the COBIT does give immediate results but it is the long term results that are the MOST important.

What size of COBIT is available?

When you purchase a COBIT you will recieve a kit of a large and small COBIT, a holding screw, a metal ruler, a marker and instruction pamphlet. The small COBIT will fit most quarter horse size feet. The large fits most warmbloods, draft X or horses with large feet.

As of January 27, 2022 you are now able to purchase a single Large COBIT or a single Small COBIT. See our STORE page for more details.

Where is the COBIT made?

The Center of Balance Indicating Tool is manufactured by S3 WIREFORM INC in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

There is a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Do you have Social Media Accounts?

Yes we do! We would love for you to follow our social media accounts. They can be found by searching for Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing or clicking on the links below. There will be lots of information on our Facebook and Instagram that will enhance your learning experience.

We now have a YouTube channel that features all the videos from the website and more - check it out!

As of May 26, 2022 we are on TikTok!

I am looking for a farrier, is Ross available?

No. Ross is no longer accepting clients.

I am interested in finding our more about the COBIT. How do I go about that?

You can host a demonstration at your place or a facility near you.

If you trim your own horses you might be interested in a CLINIC where you actually trim your own horse with the COBIT and use the Ross Smith Center of Balance Horse Shoeing method. There is also the option of a one on one training session with Ross in Moose Jaw.

What are the duties of the host if I decide to have Ross and the Team give a Demonstration or CLINIC of the COBIT?

The host's duties are to find folks who want to learn about the COBIT, may be thinking about learning how to trim a horse's feet or do not have time for the CLINIC.

If the host has Facebook they can post an announcement that they are holding a demonstration so that folks can attend. Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing will also create a post for their Facebook and Instagram and add the information to their schedule on the website. The COBIT demonstration begins at 1 pm and ends around 4 pm.

A demonstration is free to anyone who attends. We require at least 8 to 10 people at a demonstration. More is always better!

The host should have an area where the folks can gather for the theory portion of the demonstration and where Ross can trim a horse's feet to show everyone how the COBIT works .

Also in consultation with Ross a horse must be found for Ross to trim during the demonstration portion. The demonstration horse has his feet trimmed by Ross at no cost.

For anyone attending the COBIT demonstration and is interested in purchasing a COBIT at that time, a 10% discount will be applied

What happens during a demonstration of the COBIT?

The demonstration session is for folks who are interested in learning about the COBIT and Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing method. Anyone can attend horse owners, farriers, veterinarians, folks who trim their own horse, and anyone wanting to learn more about their horse's feet.

The first part is the theory session where participants learn the history of the COBIT and how it came to be invented. You also learn about the research behind the COBIT and what happens when a horse is trimmed/shoed using it.

Ross will then demonstrate how to use the COBIT on a horse and then trim the horse's feet while talking about what is happening to the horse as he goes along.

What if I decide I would like to host a CLINIC?

A CLINIC has the theory and demonstration of the COBIT as described above. The added feature to the CLINIC is that folks bring their own horse to trim while being supervised by Ross. There is a fee for the CLINIC. There should be at least 6 to 8 participants involved in the CLINIC to trim their horse's feet.

The CLINIC starts at 10 AM. It begins with the theory session, then a demonstration on how to you the COBIT. Ross will then trim a horse (at no cost) that has been chosen in consultation with him. The hands on portion is in the afternoon which is supervised by Ross.

Auditors are welcome and there is a fee to audit.

To participate in a CLINIC and trim your own horse's feet there are a few requirements:

Only one horse per participant
Participant must have some experience with trimming horse's feet. (If you are not sure you have enough experience please talk to your host who will consult with Ross)
Bring your own farrier tools

Is there anything else I need to know about attending and participating in a clinic?

Yes. The CLINIC is not about learning how to trim your horse's feet if you have never done it before. A CLINIC is to learn how to use the COBIT, how to mark it, understand the marks and then trim your own horse.

Ross will only trim the demonstration horse. He is there to teach you how to use the COBIT and guide your trimming while you are learning the Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing method.

Will I be able to purchase a COBIT at a COBIT Demonstration or CLINIC?

YES! You will be able to purchase a COBIT at both events. We can accept credit cards, debit and etransfers. There is a 10% discount applied to the price if purchased at the COBIT demonstration or CLINIC you attend.

I am attendind a COBIT Demonstration/CLINIC and would like to learn more about the COBIT prior to arriving.

We suggest that you go to the website first. There are lots of articles you can read about center of balance, Ross' influences, watch videos and tips on how to use the COBIT under our "Specifics". We also have a YouTube channel - find us under "Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing.

What if I need more help with the COBIT and have questions?

Ross does provide limited one on one training sessions with folks and their horse in Moose Jaw who want more information or need a consultation about using the Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing method. These training sessions are for folks who have been trimming their horse for a year or two and would like to learn how to use the COBIT and Ross Smith Center of Balancing Horseshoeing method. There is a fee for the one on one training session.

Send an email to if you are interested

I am a farrier and would like to learn more about the COBIT and how I can integrate it into my practise.

If you would like to learn more about the COBIT you can attend a demonstration, a CLINIC or arrange for a one on one training session with Ross to learn how to use, apply and learn about the COBIT and the Ross Smith Center of Balance Horseshoeing Method. Please email and let us know you are interested. We would be more than happy to introduce you to the COBIT and how it can benefit you as a farrier and the horses you trim/shoe.

When I get my order what should I do first?

Please read the step by step instruction pamphlet in the kit carefully and watch the videos on our "COBIT" page of this website. Both videos - adding shoes and barefoot trim - on "How to Use the COBIT" explains everything you need to know on how to use the Center of Balance Indicating Tool from the initial trim to the finished product.

Are there any safety issues I need to know when using the Center of Balance Indicating Tool?

The holding screw on the COBIT ALWAYS goes to the outside of the horse's foot. If it is not placed on the outside of the horse's foot and the horse moves, he can injure himself with the holding screw.

The COBIT should ALWAYS be placed on the horse's foot when holding the foot in your hands. If the horse should pull his foot from between your legs while the COBIT is on the foot you can be injured.

Remember that horses can be dangerous and all safety procedures should be followed when handling a horse when using a COBIT.

How do I order a COBIT?

Please go to our "STORE" as shown on the top of this page or press the link below.

Please note: customers outside of Canada will have to pay import taxes and duty as applicable.