Exercise is key

18 June 2022

In my experience as a farrier I have seen many horses that for a variety of reasons, require time off for an injury. If I have worked on the horse's feet and the horse now requires rehabilitation, I will always recommend that it gets adequate exercise. Using the COBIT on the horse's feet can create dramatic changes in the circulation in their feet, the realignment of the pastern to the coffin bone, their muscles and skeleton, their posture and how they feel.

A big part of a horse's rehabilitation is about exercise. A horse's whole entire makeup revolves around exersice. The muscles in their body, their circulation system even their digestive system as well as their mental well being all revolves around exersice. In order for a horse to heal up from anything, they have to get exercise. Stall rest is required in acute stages of an injury but after that your horse needs adequate exercise and when I say adequate the best would be if your horse is turned out in a pen or paddock or pasture. Twenty four hours a day would be great. Keeping a horse in a stall limits the exercise and will limit any type of progress or healing that you might be trying to achieve.

I cannot emphasize it enough; your horse has got to get free exercise.