Dale Clearwater

14 January 2022

Ross has been our farrier for going on 18 years. We own and operate a training facility and specialize in Reined Cow Horses. This has us competing all across North America. Good farrier work is essential to keeping our horses sound and competition ready. Ross' passion for helping horses not only look their best but feel their best has been evident on every visit to the ranch. We have had horses sent to us for training who are struggling with lameness issues and in many cases after just one reset, Ross has increased the comfort of the horse which improves the performance of the horse.

Ross has taught us a great deal over the years of things to watch out for, such as too long of toes, proper balancing of the foot and shoeing a correct foot versus making a shoe to fit a foot.

We are so excited for Ross and the Center of Balance Indicating Tool. This is a game changer in proper horseshoeing!

Dale and Teri Clearwater

Justabouta Ranch Inc.