A Solution to create and maintain sound feet

updated May 24, 2023

The COBIT is a tool to locate the center of balance, and is a guide to correctly trim a horse’s foot.

This tool finds:

  • the center of balance of the hoof
  • optimum breakover every time
  • placement of the buttress of the heel

It is a simple straight forward tool with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Finding the center of balance in the foot, the correct breakover and buttress of the heel returns the horse’s foot to nature’s design. If the weight bearing surface is centered around the center of balance, and the palmer angle is correct, the long and short pasterns line themselves up with the coffin bone.

Once balanced using the COBIT, the horse will stand under its bone structure, as it should. Skeleton and muscles realign, improving posture, and potentially reducing overall soreness. Regular use of the COBIT will provide best long term results.

COBIT may benefit horses affected by navicular, ring bone, tendon & ligament issues, arthritis, long toe low heel, laminitis, and caudal heel pain. Watch for these topics on Facebook and in case studies.